cycling class

The Best Cycling Classes in Frisco, TX

Cycling classes offer a different way to meet new friends as you burn calories and build leaner muscle definition. If you would like to give indoor riding a try, the best studios around Frisco include: Flywheel Sports  Flywheel boasts that it offers legendary rides for your best results. The instructors motivate, inspire, and push their […]

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walking in the woods

Take a Hike at the Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve

Are you’re looking to enjoy a fun-filled day outdoors? If so, head to the Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve. Nestled in nearby Plano, it spans 800 acres and features several natural surface trails that are fun to explore. Highlights include: Barred Owl Byway The Barred Owl Byway is a short section of trail that connects the Caddo […]

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Where to Enjoy Yoga Around Frisco

Yoga is a combination of postures, breathing patterns, and meditation, and it’s a great way to de-stress after a long day. If you would like to give it a try, the best nearby studios include: FYN At FYN, the mission is to provide expert training to help students get the most out of their yoga experience. The […]

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