Paints and paint brushes laying on a blank notepad.

Enhance Your Artistic Skills with Recreational Art Classes

Creating art is a fun way to relax after a long day. If you would like to enhance your artistic skills, visit one of these recreational art schools where you can learn drawing, painting, and an array of other mediums. Recreational art schools near our Frisco apartments include: The Art House  Found inside a 118-year-old […]

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Two skeletons outside a Halloween party.

Halloween Events in Frisco, Texas

Halloween is just around the corner and people are on the lookout for new events and exciting places to spend their spooky nights with friends and loved ones! Check out a list of scheduled activities near our luxury apartments in Frisco, TX.  Some of our favorites in the area include: Kelly‚Äôs Craft Tavern: Costume Party […]

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A colorful museum sign in Frisco, TX.

Discover History: 3 Unique Museums near Frisco

Rich with history, the city of Frisco offers fact-filled museums with unique exhibits and interactive tours. Whether you want to learn more about Texas culture or play some videos games, these entertainment options near our luxury apartments in Frisco, TX, have something for everyone. Check out these three nearby museums: National Videogame Museum Stop by […]

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