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Top-Rated Ramen Delivery in Frisco

There’s something about a great bowl of ramen that soothes the soul. When you’re in the mood for a hearty bowl of ramen, check out these top-rated ramen restaurants with delivery services to our apartments in Frisco, TX.

Ramen Izakaya Akira

If you are looking for authentic Japanese ramen, this is the place. The owner made and served high-quality ramen in Japan for over 30 years before moving to DFW and opening his own restaurant. Ramen Izakaya Akira serves authentic flavors, offers delivery services, and proves to be worthy of its reputation. These days, the restaurant operates at 25% capacity and limits the number of patrons to safely follow social distancing protocols.

Ramen Hakata

Ramen Hakata serves Hakata-style Tonkotsu ramen. This type of ramen includes a milky broth cooked for over 20 hours to bring out the most enhanced flavors and paired with premium quality pork and noodles. Ramen Hakata puts a lot of effort into making their specialty a standout hit and ensures ramen is always available for pickup or delivery.

Ramen Wahta

Another delivery ramen option, Ramen Wahta serves delicious ramen at affordable prices. Along with Tonkotsu ramen and miso ramen, they offer almost all broth and noodle combinations to meet your taste preferences. Their chicken karaage side is a patron favorite. Check out their menu for your new favorite ramen dish!

When you love a soothing, salty bowl of quality ramen, it’s always good to know where to go for delivery options. If you are looking for new luxury apartments in Frisco, TX, contact us today.

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