Java and Jive at These Highest Rated Coffee Shops in Frisco

An excellent cup of coffee can be a subjective experience, but great reviews speak volumes. Step inside one of Frisco’s highest-rated coffee shops to get your next aromatic fix. They’re not too far from our Maxwell apartments! Yiayia’s Coffee House Greece and Italy have an entire culture built around coffee that entails leisurely cafe visits […]

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A person painting their pottery.

Check Out These DIY Pottery Painting Studios in Frisco, TX

Paint-your-own pottery classes are a prime example of creative bonding time that takes little preparation to enjoy. If you want something new to do this weekend while looking for luxury apartments in Frisco, TX, check out one of these painting or crafting halls! Paint My Pottery If you prefer easy accessibility, Paint My Pottery is […]

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Someone making homemade pasta in a kitchen.

Malto Bene: Frisco’s Best-Rated Italian Restaurants

There are plenty of chain Italian restaurants out there, but perhaps you want to branch out and go somewhere with a more local atmosphere. For some of the best Italian foods with a personal touch, dive in and enjoy these top-reviewed restaurants near our apartments in Frisco, TX. Bella Italia Ristorante If you choose Bella […]

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