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Order Koren Food for Delivery or Takeout around Frisco, TX

Korean food is the perfect pick-me-up for any day. From bibimbap to kimchi, the cuisine is brimming with delicious flavors that will satisfy any craving. Here are the best Korean food restaurants near our apartments in Frisco, TX with delivery and takeout options.

Burning Rice

It’s a good sign when a restaurant has a specialty dish. In the case of Burning Rice, that dish is bibimbap. For those who are not familiar, bibimbap is a hot pot of rice topped and mixed with assorted vegetables of your choosing. Meat and Korean chili paste can be added according to your sense of taste! Tofu and a fried egg are also available as a tasty protein topper. Take a look at their menu before placing your order online!


Some people hear the phrase Korean food and immediately think of a table with a built-in grill and sizzling meat. That’s the angle at Gogiya. They offer many authentic Korean side dishes to go along with their incredibly wide range of quality meats. They’ve done well at accommodating for takeout and delivery, so you can still enjoy this Korean favorite from home.

Sul & Beans

Korean food isn’t just meats and broths. There’s also a specialty dessert made from shaved ice and various toppings. Known as bingsu, Sul & Beans is bringing their A-game when it comes to bingsu. They make their desserts entirely from scratch with authentic and modern flavors. Many of these delightful desserts are topped with fresh fruits, and the size makes them ideal for sharing.

We hope this helps you satisfy your Korean food cravings. While you enjoy your dinner, take a virtual museum tour from the Frisco Public Library’s online resources. If you are looking for new apartments in Frisco, TX, contact us today to learn more about our community.

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