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Cool Down with Ice Cream To-Go in Frisco

With scorching temperatures every day, Texans are aware of summer’s arrival. Thankfully, several spots near The Maxwell serve take-home frozen treats. Help local businesses when you check out these ice cream spots offering to-go services near our Frisco apartments:

Ninja De Cream

Located 10 minutes from The Maxwell, this sweet shop off Prestmont Place offers unique options for those looking for more than a two-scoop ice cream cone. Ninja De Cream sells things like egg waffle cones, which combine the warmth of a waffle and the refreshing freeze of ice cream, and rolled ice cream in various flavors. Looking like stunning works of art, these desserts will surely spice up your social media feed. For the less adventurous, smoothies and popsicles will help cool you off after a trek in the sun.

Hi, Sweetie

Forget cups and cones. This to-go ice cream shop, located six miles away on Preston Road, serves ice cream in flower pots! Try the Beach Cup, served with minced graham crackers to look like a sandy beach, or the Dirt Cup with Oreo cookie crumbles. Rolled ice cream is available as well, and guests can even build their own rolled ice cream cup. Whether you like your desserts shaved, rolled, or served in a flower pot, Hi, Sweetie has one that will refresh your taste buds.


Drive five minutes from The Maxwell and you’ll find a to-go ice cream shop as high-tech as its name sounds. At iCream, guests can order things like ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, shakes, malts, and frozen lemonade. Start your custom order by choosing from an assortment of milk bases and flavors, with healthy options like soy milk and fresh fruit, and not-so-healthy indulgences like cotton candy and bubblegum. Then, the staff uses liquid nitrogen to create fresh ice cream treats on the spot. Add mix-ins and toppings to transform your ice cream into the perfect summer treat, made exactly to your liking. This ice cream shop, right off Dallas Parkway, is truly unlike any other ice cream shop. 

Our apartments in Frisco are within minutes of great dining and dessert shops with curbside pickup and delivery options. Contact us today to learn more about our bustling neighborhood!

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