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Host a Virtual Talent Show

Staying home is a pleasure when you are enjoying the comfortable surroundings of our luxury apartments in Frisco, TX. Video chat platforms allow us to talk and keep in touch, but we want to take that interaction and turn it up a notch. Organize a virtual talent show! It brings people together and gives the kids a project to work on. Plus, it’s sure to land a lot of laughs, and laughter is the best medicine. Pull off the most sought-after show with these tips.

Add a Little Structure

Just as you would for a real-life talent show, set a day and time for your virtual talent show. Notify your invitees and participants well in advance, so they can prepare. Set a date when they must submit a performance description. This way, you can prepare an official program. Without squashing creativity, add some guidelines. Give participants a time limit. Three minutes is the standard time for a performance. It’s just enough time to engage an audience without boring them. 

Encourage Creativity

Be sure to let participants know they don’t have to be Mozart to participate in the virtual talent show. Provide performance suggestions such as:

  • Recite a poem.
  • Perform a magic show.
  • Become a stand-up comic.
  • Put on a skit.
  • Do a dance. 
  • Be a cheerleader.
  • Create a band with household objects (i.e. a bucket and wooden spoon).
  • Lip sync your favorite song.
  • Show off your yo-yo, jump rope, or hula-hoop skills.
  • Do a bike or skateboarding trick.
  • Take the camera outside and show off trampoline moves.

With these tips, you’ll make the virtual talent show fun! Get the whole family together to perform a dance or skit. For more tips on in-home activities, check out our blog. Contact our team to learn more about living in our new apartments in Frisco, TX. 

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