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Find the Best Tearooms around Frisco, TX

Though tea was primarily used for medicinal purposes for centuries, it’s now one of the most commonly consumed beverages around the world. Luckily, you don’t need to go globetrotting to find a quality cup. Head to one of these tearooms around Frisco for a perfectly steeped mug of tea:

The Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tearoom 

The Chocolate Angel is owned by two sisters who grew up watching their mother make rich fudge from a secret recipe. They nicknamed her the Chocolate Angel when she passed away, and have never been able to duplicate her famous recipe. The ladies read cookbooks for fun and to find new menu items. Afternoon tea includes loose leaf varieties along with white chocolate cranberry stones, chicken salad tartlets, and petite quiche.


At Nerdvana, they choose their teas from small family-owned farms and larger plantations known for growing exceptional specialty teas. Whether you start your day here or meet in the evening to play board games with friends, the service is always attentive. The staff will help you chose the right flavor. The tea selection includes peppermint, jasmine green, and silver needle. If you’re hungry, try a panini sandwich, such as prime rib & cheddar or grilled veggie & provolone.

Mochas & Javas 

The Carswell family created Mochas & Javas to give their community a welcoming place to come together for exceptional beverages and legendary customer service. Using only fresh, quality ingredients, the staff makes many menu items from scratch. Despite its name, the shop also serves an array of delicious teas. Choices include spiced matcha green, peachy oolong, and Thai twist. Hungry? Try a slice of Cinnamon Sensation coffee cake.

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