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Enjoy a Fast-paced Evening at a Nearby Escape Room

An escape room is an exciting adventure game in which players must unveil the secret plot hidden within the room before time runs out.
If this sounds like fun to you, the best escape rooms near The Maxwell include:

Countdown to Escape

With thoughtfully designed rooms and unexpected twists, it’s no wonder that Countdown to Escape is the best escape room in Frisco. To beat the clock, teams need to think outside of the box to progress through a spiraling maze of puzzles. 

Try the Mafia Casino room. You’re part of the special investigations unit with the state police. There’s believed to be a mole in the department, and you have the evidence to confirm this. The mole reports to a crime boss who always slips through your fingers. The boss owns a casino where he keeps the information you need in a safe, and he’s currently out of the building. Can you find the profiles on his crew and confirm the mole’s identity without getting caught?

Red Door Escape Room

At the Red Door Escape Room, the goal is to deepen relationships between people through creative entertainment. It offers the opportunity to unplug, and the rooms require creative thinking and collaborative teamwork. Red Door got its start in a church before moving to its own location a short time later.

The hardest room is Encounter. It’s not recommended for first timers and is designed for two to six players. You jolt awake on an alien spacecraft, and now you have one hour to escape or be at the mercy of the strange creatures that abducted you. This room is about as different as you can find, and the owner boasts that it features real alien language and never-before-seen-on-Earth decor. 

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