Boba tea in Frisco

Order Frisco’s Best Boba Tea for Delivery

Summer heat and sweet drinks are like fall leaves and pumpkin spice: they belong together. Known for its signature tapioca balls, Boba tea can come in an exciting variety of flavors. If you have a Boba tea craving, be sure to check out the best Boba tea restaurants that deliver near our apartments in Frisco, TX.

Boba Latte of Frisco

Small chains come with the bonus of rewards systems and nice incentives. Boba Latte has great points and rewards programs and is doing a couple of discount promotions related to gift card purchases or reusable and environmentally friendly straws. If you like getting a little something extra out of your purchase, you may enjoy becoming a regular here. You can order their delicious drinks for delivery or to-go.

Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees has some of the most distinct Boba tea flavors in Frisco. This spot is an Asian-Hispanic fusion restaurant that blends unexpected flavors in their desserts and drinks for splendid results. Aside from Boba, one of their most popular drinks is their Mangonadas: mango slushies with real fruit chunks, topped with chamoy and Tajin seasoning for a blend of sweet, spicy, and salty. Delivery is available so you can enjoy from home.

Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe

Sometimes what you really need on the side of your Boba tea is a sweet treat. Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe offers a range of pastry styles, from classic Tiramisu dessert to curry-filled buns. You can make an easy delivery or to-go order.

While you enjoy your Boba tea, relax at home with some music from local musicians. Our apartments in Frisco are near a great selection of local businesses, with tons of great amenities on-hand. Be sure to contact us if you’re still on the hunt for the right place to call home.

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