An aerial shot of a man participating in a video conference call on his laptop.

Host a Virtual Talent Show

Staying home is a pleasure when you are enjoying the comfortable surroundings of our luxury apartments in Frisco, TX. Video chat platforms allow us to talk and keep in touch, but we want to take that interaction and turn it up a notch. Organize a virtual talent show! It brings people together and gives the […]

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Someone cooking a pot of spaghetti.

Create One-Pot Pasta Dishes From Your Pantry

Past generations learned to make delicious recipes with every pantry ingredient imaginable. While the majority of older generations grew up to make sure they always have a well-stocked pantry, a few of us might be new to creating recipes from our apartments in Frisco. When it comes to preparing pasta dishes, there are several ways […]

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A woman relaxing on the couch in her living room apartment.

Three Ways to Make Your Home Extra Comfortable

While you’re spending more time at home, you might be thinking about what you can do to make our apartments in Frisco, Texas extra comfortable. After all, finding comfort in your life is good for your overall health. Here are some simple ideas you can implement that will make you wonder why you would ever […]

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