A gold lock with a silver key in it sits atop a metal chain

Enjoy a Fast-paced Evening at a Nearby Escape Room

An escape room is an exciting adventure game in which players must unveil the secret plot hidden within the room before time runs out. If this sounds like fun to you, the best escape rooms near The Maxwell include: Countdown to Escape With thoughtfully designed rooms and unexpected twists, it’s no wonder that Countdown to […]

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Steaming tea steeping in a clear glass mug

Find the Best Tearooms around Frisco, TX

Though tea was primarily used for medicinal purposes for centuries, it’s now one of the most commonly consumed beverages around the world. Luckily, you don’t need to go globetrotting to find a quality cup. Head to one of these tearooms around Frisco for a perfectly steeped mug of tea: The Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tearoom  […]

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Woman unrolling a yoga mat before Pilates

The Pilates Studios around Frisco Offer a Great Workout

When Joseph Pilates established the Pilates method in the 1920s, he sought to create exercises that focused on the core muscles, including the abdominal and lower back muscles.  Since then, his 34 classic mat sequences have been taught in fitness studios worldwide. One hour of practicing Pilates effectively burns calories for the rest of the […]

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