A hawk in mid-flight in Taychas Trail

Photograph Some Feathered Friends on Taychas Trail

Nature is thriving with summer in full swing. You can spot any number of native Texas fauna out and about. Right near The Maxwell, there’s even a special trail tucked away where you can bird watch for some exquisitely feathered friends. If you’d like to learn how expert nature photographers manage to capture amazing images […]

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A hand holding a microphone at a comedy club

Laugh the Night Away at Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub

Not far from The Maxwell is a lively destination where you can laugh the night away.┬áIt is called Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub. There, you’ll be able to enjoy both renowned comedians and hilarious up-and-comers as they take to the stage. The club’s design offers an upfront experience for all guests, and it comes complete with the […]

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